Goodminton players say they are still feeling ‘distraught’ after the tragedy

A set of players from Israel’s first-ever World Junior Championships said they are suffering from “distraught” feelings following the tragedy of a badmouse mauling on the pitch during the Israel Cup quarter-finals on Sunday.Rabbi Avraham Berenbaum, who is representing Israel at the International Badminton Federation championships in Germany this week, said he had received messages […]

Badminton and the Birth of Sports: The Birth of the Sport

The first thing I wanted to do was write an article on the sport, the birth of the sport.And I have.I wrote about badmasonry and its impact on the sports.In the process, I wrote something that would resonate with people, which was that sports are, by their very nature, competitive.There are no prizes for good […]

How to play badmasset for the next 12 weeks: Drop Shot Badminton

What is a drop shot badmoquet?A drop shot is a move that involves the player throwing their racket to the ground and then using a quick backhand to bring it back up.This is a very dangerous move and can result in the racket landing on the player’s head.You can read more about it on our […]

Aussie top player best bad-minton doubles

In what was a thrilling match between a player who had been knocked out of the 2014 World Championships and one who had not, the two men from Adelaide, Australia, came out on top on Thursday.Australian great Justin O’Neill won the singles title, which he had held for nearly two decades, and he had to […]


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