Russian badminder Maria Kudina wins her first gold medal at the Rio Olympics

Maria Kuznetsova, the Russian badmninton player who is also a member of the national team, won her first medal at Rio Olympics, beating the British Open finalist and defending champion Victoria Azarenka.

Kuznetsova is the third Russian player to win gold at the Olympics, after Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova and world number one Andre Agassi.

Azerbaijan is currently ranked fourth in the world behind Russia, China and France, but Azarenkas win over Kuznosova has boosted Azarenas hopes to secure her first Olympic medal.

Azarenks coach has been working with the Russian team in preparation for Rio, which is in the middle of the summer.

The team finished second at the 2016 Beijing Olympics, but this time the team is confident of finishing fourth.

After the final round of the women’s competition, Azarenko was looking forward to her first chance at Olympic glory, which would mean a medal for herself, her teammates and her coach, Ivan Shirokov.

Azares coach was also expecting his team to finish fourth.

However, Kuznovs win over Azarenkos coach is a huge step towards making Azarenkas Olympic dream come true.

Kuznetsovs win also comes after a loss in the women�s semi-final at the Commonwealth Games, in which she lost in straight sets to the American Eugenie Bouchard.

Azarenka was expected to face Bouchards best opponent, the American Sharapov.

The two-time world champion and 2016 Rio Olympic gold medallist will now face Boughards best rival in the semi-finals, and that will be the key for the Kazakhs to make it to the finals.


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