How to buy a $300 pair of shoes at Costco with your credit card

Costco has announced plans to introduce a $200 pair of tennis shoes for its stores in California and New York, in the wake of a high-profile case involving the retailer.

Costco said Monday that it has purchased more than $100 million worth of tennis-related products since January, and the new shoe will be available in the coming weeks at the following retailers:Costco has also announced that it will be expanding its retail network to Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, and Los Angeles County in California, as well as in Atlanta and Miami.

The retailer said the shoes will be sold in all Costco stores in Los Angeles and Boston, and will also be available at Costco stores nationwide.

The shoe, which is currently on sale for $299.99, will come in a variety of styles and colors, including an “X-Large,” which has a wider heel area, and a “Mid-Sized” version that is smaller.

The shoes are expected to hit stores in October.

The news follows reports that a $350 pair of Adidas tennis shoes would be banned from Costco stores.

Costco, in an effort to fight its reputation as a high spender, had previously denied that the Adidas shoes were banned.

Costos chief operating officer, Scott Cawthon, said at a press conference Monday that the company had learned from customers that the shoes were being sold on

That, he said, led to the company making changes to ensure that customers were purchasing the shoes from the right place, Cawston said.

According to Costco, the shoes have sold well for customers, with a 10% increase in sales per month, compared to January.


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