How to train your dog to sniff a new drug

Posted August 12, 2018 05:00:00 In a world where the government has been inundated with information on the potential dangers of synthetic drugs, how can you train your pooch to be an active drug user?

That is what the scientists behind a new study will be investigating next.

They are calling it the “Drugs of the Future” project, which is a joint effort between Australian National University and University of Sydney.

They hope to create an educational and research toolkit that will help train our dogs and other animals to recognise drugs when they smell them.

The project, funded by the Australian Government, will focus on identifying and identifying drugs that have a high potential to be used in the drug trade.

Drug-free training A group of university researchers, led by Associate Professor Tom Paine, have been working on the Drug of the Tomorrow project for several years.

They have developed an interactive toolkit for teaching dogs to identify drugs in the environment.

The program will be available online, and will be piloted for the next three months.

Associate Professor Paine said that while drug testing and education have long been a focus for the university, this project was the first time they had tackled the drug-free approach.

“This is the first major initiative of its kind in Australia, so it is quite a milestone for us,” he said.

They can’t be trained to look for other drugs and that’s the problem.””

They have always had the problem of being trained to sniff drugs.

They can’t be trained to look for other drugs and that’s the problem.”

But they are really good at it, they are able to sniff very specific drugs and we are trying to get them to be able to learn to do that.

“There are many different drugs that can be detected in the body, but there are only about 100 drugs that are active.”

Associate Professor Matt Walker, who leads the project, said that drug-resistant bacteria are increasingly prevalent in the world, with drug-resistance being the third leading cause of death in the developed world.

“It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the medical and pharmaceutical industry in the future,” he told, “and that is the problem is that drug resistance is becoming more common and it can be a huge challenge for our veterinary practitioners.”

Dr. Tom Pain, the lead researcher on the project said that a significant proportion of people are unaware of the fact that drug abuse is not a natural part of our species.

“Our dogs are able, by nature, to recognise a wide range of drugs and to respond in an aggressive way to them,” he explained.

“And it’s because dogs are used to sniffing very specific things that they can then respond to very specific chemicals.”

Drug-resistant dogs: The good news Associate Professor Walker said that even though drug-sensitive dogs are not as well trained as drug-naive dogs, they were able to identify the chemical and its properties.

“The more drugs a dog knows about, the more they can recognise,” he added.

“So it makes them very sensitive to drugs, they respond to them very, very quickly.”

Dr Tom Painer said that the drug of the future The researchers say that drug testing will be a key component of the drug control approach, but also that they will be able train the dogs to recognise other drugs, which they will then be able use in their training to identify their own health risks.

“You need to have a very comprehensive training program in order to train them to detect drugs, and then you need to teach them the techniques to train that, and that can take time,” Dr Painer explained.

He added that the training could be done at a very early age, which would help train the dog to be more sensitive to other drugs in their environment.

“At the end of the day, the training is a really good tool for the dogs,” he suggested.

“In the next two or three years we will be really happy with the dogs and will see that they are much more resilient to the drug abuse than we are.”

The researchers will be conducting a trial of their drug-testing program in a two-week period, with results from that period expected in the fall.

In the meantime, the project will continue, with the aim of helping the dog find out if they are likely to be exposed to drugs in future.

Dr Pain said that they have had success in teaching the dogs the principles of drug-detection.

“For a lot the dogs will respond to a lot more drugs than we would be able, but the dogs are sensitive to very, a lot,” he noted.

I don’t think there is a lot we can do to teach the dogs how to be drug-tolerant, but that’s what the


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