Why Badminton’s Badmoint League Is Killing the Tennis Scene

CBA, the world’s most famous pro-sports league, is currently embroiled in a major antitrust scandal, with the New York Attorney General’s office announcing on Wednesday that it is charging the league with antitrust violations and illegally retaliating against rival professional leagues.

The AG’s office alleges that the Badmasson league illegally colluded with other professional leagues to protect itself from rivals such as the United States Olympic Association and the World Anti-Doping Agency, while simultaneously engaging in a concerted effort to make a few big money-making moves with its own players. 

The complaint, filed in federal court in Manhattan, accuses the league of colluding with other sports leagues, which it has also claimed in court filings.

According to the AG’s filing, the league’s goal is to increase revenue and maximize its profits by moving more players from its home league to the Badaminton league. 

“The league’s primary objective is to maximise its profit from its association with the Badhaminton League and to minimize its financial losses by taking steps to prevent its association from becoming a competitor of the league,” the AG said in the filing. 

Badminton officials responded by denying the allegations in the lawsuit, with one official saying the league was unaware of the AGs allegations.

“The BDL does not have any knowledge of the allegations made in this lawsuit and we are reviewing the matter,” Badmashons lawyer Andrew McAfee said in a statement.

“Badmashon is the only professional tennis league in the world to operate without any direct competition with other leagues,” Badamashons CEO Andrew Peltier said in an email to Bleacher.com. 

Despite the legal action, the Badmans continued to push the boundaries of what constitutes a competitor and how it should operate in the sport.

In a recent interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Peltiers said he had never seen the Badmind League as a competitor.

“I’ve never heard of anyone in tennis who would say we’re competing with them,” he said.

“We’re just trying to help people compete in tennis and that’s the way it is.

We don’t compete with anyone.

I’m not sure we should even be here.

That’s what I’ve always said.”

Peltiers added that the league had no intention of changing its membership structure and that he and his team of lawyers had nothing to do with the lawsuit.

“They’re not here to sue us, they’re here to help us, and they’re not going to do anything that we don’t agree with,” he told the ABC. 

In a statement to Bleachers, the New Jersey Tennis Association said: “While the New Jerseys organization is not directly affiliated with the CBA or the Bad Mans league, the NJTA has not made any efforts to lobby the CAA and has no reason to believe that any NJTA member has made a formal proposal to the CAAA for the CMA to sponsor any tournaments.

The NJTA does not engage in any lobbying efforts with the NJCA or the CCA and is not a member of any association that is directly affiliated.” 

The New Jersey Association for Tennis Development, a nonprofit, non-profit organization, which is also not affiliated with any league, has also responded to the lawsuit by saying that it was unaware that the lawsuit was filed. 

 “We are not aware of the complaint or any litigation concerning the BDL.

The NYTA has been actively engaged in discussions with the BML and other professional organizations and is focused on enhancing the quality of our membership and developing more opportunities for members,” the NYTA said in its statement. 

According to a report by the New Yorker, the BDM has long been known for its aggressive recruitment tactics, which included offering players their own locker rooms, locker rooms for female athletes and a practice facility in which male players would practice.

The league has also been accused of discriminating against female players who were playing in male leagues, and for discriminating against players who had previously been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

The lawsuit also alleges that many of the Badmen’s players were paid between $10,000 and $40,000 a year, but it was not clear how much the league paid players for their performances. 

It’s not the first time that the BDA has been under scrutiny for its anti-competitive tendencies.

In the summer of 2015, the NCAA filed an antitrust complaint against the BDI, alleging that it engaged in anticompetitive practices by attempting to block the recruitment of female athletes from other sports.


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