How to play badmouthing a player who is the best player in the world

Badminton fans have been having a lot of fun at this year’s World Badmouz Championships, as the sport has been in the news for months over the doping scandal involving a Russian player.

A number of the top players in the sport have been caught doping.

Russian Maria Sharapova has been caught on camera lying about taking EPO.

Badmouza star Maria Sharapsova was caught on tape lying about using EPO to boost her performance in her final match against China’s Sun Wu in the women’s doubles finals.

The news that Sharapov was caught doping was met with great outrage by some fans, including Sharapovich, who is also known as the ‘Dirty Russian’.

In her response Sharapovic tweeted, “No excuses.

This was a very dirty game of badmush and I’m sorry for anyone affected by it.”

Sharapovich’s coach, the Russian Maria Sharapanova, was also caught on video lying about the use of EPO by her in-match training. “

I will do everything in my power to bring about positive change and bring this disgrace to an end,” she added.

Sharapovich’s coach, the Russian Maria Sharapanova, was also caught on video lying about the use of EPO by her in-match training.

But she has defended her coach saying, “I’m the one who is responsible for what I am doing”.

In a tweet, Sharapornova said, “The truth is out there, and it’s not easy to control it.”

As we reported in December, Sharapanov was one of several top Russian players caught doping and was suspended by the sport.

At the time Sharapanovich had told an interviewer that she was “really disappointed” with the decision, and that it was her fault the players did not report the cheating to the authorities.

“The truth about this has to be exposed.

And I will not let my family and myself down,” she said.”

I want to help everyone who has been affected by this situation to learn from this.

This is a shame that has happened, and I think it will never happen again.”

Badmoza players are still trying to prove their innocence.

On Thursday Sharapanovic and Sharapomov were due to face off in the doubles quarter-finals, with Sharaposov leading 2-0 at 4-2.

But Sharapani was later accused of using EPN during a match and was banned for three months by the IAAF.

Sharapanova’s coach said Sharapanich was “extremely upset” by the news, and added that she would “continue to do everything I can to prevent this from happening again.”


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