Which Badminton players should you watch on TV?

The Badmashinton team will be taking on the top teams in India, including a host of world class players, as they face off against their arch rivals the India Badmoungsing (IAB) on Sunday, September 29.

The match will be televised on ESPN2 in India and will also be available on WatchESPN.

The match is the third edition of the IAB Badmoudsing Championships, held in Chennai on September 27-29.

The format has been adjusted to include both men’s and women’s doubles and doubles doubles doubles.

The Indian contingent will be made up of former Badmouses’ stars including Keshav Das and Satish Singh, and former Indian champions Ranjit Singh and Dushyant Singh.

Indian Badmoustinians have been preparing for this game for a long time, but with the format now being adapted to the modern-day game, the players and coaching staff will be feeling a lot of pressure to perform at their best.

“We are very proud of our performance, as well as our preparation,” said Badmoodt, adding, “The players are very focused and ready to compete at the highest level.”

Badmoustins have been a regular fixture in the Indian badmouses championship since 2003.

“There are two sides to this match.

It is a great opportunity for us to show our best and get a good result,” Badmoutin coach and head coach Keshava Das said.

“This match will give us a chance to test ourselves against the best of the world.

We have never lost a match at home. “

When we play in our backyard, we are always prepared to show what we have been able to do in India.

We have never lost a match at home.

We will try our best.”

The next match is on March 25 against India’s defending world champions, India A.K.C.D.D., in New Delhi.


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