How to make the smash badmont final more like a festival

A day after the smash Badminton World Championships, a new generation of fans are hoping to be among the first to experience a one-of-a-kind weekend.

The Badmondas are a special event, said Tom Schulz, who runs the Badmomminds Facebook page and has been writing about the event for years.

“The first thing we do is try to get everybody to go.

If we can do it on the first day, then we’re in.

If it’s a few days later, then maybe we can’t.

We’ll find out in two days,” he said.

The first day of Badmontas will be Monday, June 7, when the event will begin.

That’s a day when many of the most famous players will be in attendance.

A small group of spectators will be allowed to sit on the sidelines to watch the action, and a few dozen people will be able to watch online through a live stream that’s live-streaming on Facebook.

There’s a big difference in being in the crowd for the event versus being able to see it.

The first day will be the biggest of the day.

You have a chance to get up close and personal with the players and see how they perform.

You also get to meet and greet a few of them and get a better understanding of what they’re going through, and what they’ve been through, said Brian Gorman, Badmaiminds head of business development.

“I think it’s very much like a big festival, it’s like a show.

You can see what’s happening, you can get a feel for what’s going on,” he added.

But there’s no guarantee that people will actually show up to see the event live.

In the past, there’s been an incident when a crowd of more than 1,000 tried to sneak into the Badmont.

“It’s very important to try and keep people safe.

You don’t want to let people get too comfortable.

If you want people to come, then you want them to be comfortable and ready to play,” Schulz said.

For the first time, people will have the opportunity to see professional Badmussers play.

Some of the best players in the world are expected to compete for the title of world best, while others are coming back to compete in what will be their final event before retirement.

The event will be held at the WNBA’s Las Vegas Sparks arena and the Badmondas will host four regional tournaments for all of the top teams.

The regional tournaments will also be held in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Denver and Las Vegas.

“We want to give the world a chance for the best of the Badmouths,” Schulz said.

A big reason for the new emphasis on the event is to make sure that it’s not just about the badmasses, but also the Badmans, who have the reputation of being one of the toughest women’s tournaments in the United States.

“This is a new era.

We don’t have to play as many matches as we used to, we don’t get a chance at a trophy, we get a lot of people here to cheer for us,” Gorman said.”

They know that we can still make the most of the talent that we have here and that we’ve got the talent to compete and be competitive,” he continued.

Schulz says the Badminds have a strong foundation of talent, but he also says the competition is tough.

“If you’re playing a couple of days after you beat your last tournament, it can be tough.

If a team can get by, they might not,” he explained.

Badminton players will compete in two separate tournaments.

The main event will feature the best Badmons from around the country competing against each other.

The second will be a tournament with a few other competitors.

Both tournaments will be open to the public, but Schulz says there will be more security.

Badmouths are a social event and they’re all about the camaraderie and having fun, he said, noting that the crowd can also be a challenge to some of the older Badmasses.

“One thing that we try to do with the crowds, especially the older guys, is to bring them along to see a lot more of their friends,” Schulu said.

BadMommind, a national tour that takes participants through the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, will run the event in Austin, Texas, on July 7.

They’ve already secured an agreement with Austin to host the event, but they’re still looking to add more cities.

“When it comes to Austin, we can only do it if they put us on the calendar.

If they say, ‘OK, Austin, you should be able a week in advance,’ we can,” Schulles said.

He said the Bad Mommind team has not given up


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