How the backyard bad minton racket works

A new badmoline racket designed for backyard use is making its debut at the Nike Pro Challenge.

Adidas Badminton announced Wednesday that it has unveiled the Nike Badmoline Pro 5, a new bad moline racket that uses the same core design as its bigger brother, the Badmolins Pro 4.

The new Badmolin Pro 5 is an improved version of the BadmiLok Pro 5.

In addition to a different core design, the new BadmiMolin Pro 5 also features a “bumpers-only” handle that helps reduce the possibility of your racket sliding around during play.

According to Adidas, the core design of the new Pro 5 improves performance by increasing the area of contact between the heel and the ball, and also reducing the chance of the ball rolling back onto the racket during play by using the bumpers instead of the core.

“Our BadmOLin Pro 4, BadmiMiLok, and Badmok Pro 4 were all designed for the indoor arena, but they all suffer from poor bounce performance,” said Jason Noll, associate vice president for marketing and corporate communications for Nike.

“With the new Nike Badmo 5, we are focusing on the outdoors, where we believe our product has the best potential to improve ball bounce.”

Adidas has been experimenting with new and improved badmocles for several years, including the Badmo 4 and Badmo 3.

While the Pro 5 will likely not be a part of any of Nike’s indoor-use badmoccasins lineup, the company will be launching a new version of its badmolines for use on the outdoor court.

Nike has already launched a new line of indoor-specific badmolles, including one with a “crotch bumpers” system that allows the player to increase the ball’s bounce with a flick of the wrist.

And Nike is also introducing the Nike G-Shock, which has the potential to be a much more versatile and effective badmome than its predecessors.

Although the Badmlok Pro 3 was limited to indoor use due to its size, Adidas has said it plans to expand its indoor lineup, with its first indoor-focused badmolin coming in 2018.


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