‘Good’ for Australia, but ‘not enough’ for the rest of the world

The US and Australia are now the top performers in the International Stick Badminton Association rankings, while the rest, including Canada, have slipped out of the top 10.

The US edged out the UK, France and Australia in the ranking, while France slipped into the bottom five.

Badminton’s international ranking is based on its rankings of players who have played a minimum of four international events in the last four years.

This is the latest in a series of updates since the 2016 season ended.

In the rankings, Australia is at number 11, up two spots from last year.

It is followed by the US at number 12, up five spots.

New Zealand is at the bottom of the table, with its overall ranking of 11 being its worst ever.

Australia’s 2016 international ranking, as at March 25, was: USA 7; Canada 5; France 5; UK 3; Germany 2; Australia 1.

(Reuters) New York’s Anthony Johnson was the highest ranked player in the world in 2016, with his best result of three sets of 8-6 6-5 wins over Spain.

Johnson, who has won three Grand Slam titles, is ranked sixth in the World rankings.

His World ranking is the lowest of the current list, with only the top ten players ranked.

England’s Joe Lewis, who won his fifth Grand Slam title in a row, is the highest ranking player in both the UK and the US.

He is ranked fifth in the UK.

Russia’s Alexei Nikitin, ranked fourth in the US, is fourth in Russia, while Russia’s Vitaly Shevchenko, ranked seventh, is ninth.

China’s Yao Ming is ranked seventh in the Chinese Super League.

Japan’s Kei Nishikori is ranked eighth in the Japanese Open.

Singapore’s Yoo Sung-yong is the only player to make the top 50 for both the US and the UK in the rankings.

He is ranked third in the Asian Tour rankings.

(Reuters) (Reuters / Getty Images) Australia and the USA were ranked first and second in the 2016 rankings, respectively.

While Australia’s performance has improved since last year, the US still has a ways to go.

Canada has moved up two places to number eight, while South Africa is now ranked seventh.

A number of players have had major issues with their health, including former Grand Slam champion and 2016 runner-up Marin Cilic.

There is also a big jump in the number of women players ranked in the top 20. 

 (Getty Images) (Getty Images / Getty) The new rankings are based on the International Federation of Tennis (IFTTT) ranking of players with the highest overall ranking from 2016, which takes into account their performances at major tournaments across the world.

Players with the lowest ranking are removed from the rankings and placed in the same ranking as the player with the most points.

If the player in question is not in the IFTT top 20 at the time of the 2016 ranking, they are not included in the overall ranking.

Since the rankings were released, the number one and two spot in the current rankings have gone to the same player.

For the 2017 rankings, players with fewer than 20 international events are removed, but only players who played a maximum of two tournaments in the previous four years are included.

That means that the US is now the fourth highest ranked country in the sport, but the US has dropped from being ranked first to fourth in that list.

Meanwhile, Australia has slipped into a very difficult position in the global rankings.

The last time the country was ranked in a ranking lower than the world’s top 10 was last year when it slipped from number two to number two.

So far this year, it has been ranked fourth.

Here are the top 25 players in the 2018 world rankings, based on their performance at the 2016 Australian Open and 2017 Australian Open: (Getty) (AFP) The Australian Open is set to be played in Melbourne on April 5, 2019, with a final in Sydney the following day.

We will have more on the tournament on our site.



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